Should I Name the Father on the Birth Certificate ?

I am asked this question all the time. It is important to know that it requires the father to be participating. A mother can list him on the application but he must be involved for it to make it to the actual birth certificate.

A benefit for including the father on the birth certificate is Social Security benefits. Your child would be eligible for Social Security death benefits if needed later.

Listing him on the birth certificate does not allow him to get custody. He can pursue custody or visitation regardless if he is listed on the birth certificate. He would do this legally.


You would both sign an affidavit legally acknowledging him as the birth father. The hospital can provide you with the proper paperwork after the birth.



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How To Get a Passport For a Minor With Only One Parent


It’s almost summer. Child Support Specialists receives questions about travel this time of year. In 2001, the U.S. government began requiring both parents signatures on kids passport applications. This applies to new passports for children under age 14. Up until that point, it was possible for a single parent to complete a child’s application without the other parent.


  • Print out the passport application passport application
  • Complete everything on the application except the signatures.
  • Make an appointment to meet your ex at your local passport office and bring your child with you.
  • Bring all of the required documentation with you, including your child’s birth certificate and your ID.
  • Sign the application in the presence of passport officials. (If you sign it in advance, your signature will be void and you’ll have to start over.

If the other parent is in agreement about applying for your child’s passport but cannot accompany you to the passport office, he or she can complete a Statement of Consent and have it notarized to prove the authenticity of the signature. Once you have this documentation, bring it with you to the passport office and show it to the officials.

If the other parent is unavailable, complete the “Statement of Special Circumstances,” which can be found at the bottom of the Statement of Consent. This will allow you to explain why it is not possible for the other parent to give consent.


  • If only one parent is listed on the child’s birth certificate, then two signatures are not required.
  • If you have sole custody of your child, submit the court order establishing custody along with your child’s passport application.




Tax Season is a big time for child support agencies. At Child Support Specialists we are looking to get large amounts of owed support during tax season.  What are the pros and cons?


  • A custodial parent can get support from the non- custodial parent even if he/she did not receive payment during the year.
  • A parent can receive a large amount owed.
  • It helps the non-custodial parent pay towards back support.


  • The absent parent may not file for taxes.
  • The absent parent may owe taxes and not have a return.
  • A parent must have an order of support and the absent parent must be behind in support.


Some parents want to know if they will receive the tax return from the new spouse also. This can be done only if the absent parent filed with the new spouse. It can’t be done if they did not file together.


Do you have an agency working for you? We strongly suggest that you do so you can receive his/her tax return for child support. It’s that time of year.  kids-004

Child Support Amount


Child Support is determined in Texas by how many children and the net pay of the absent parent.  I have listed the law for the amount of child support below.


1 – 20 percent of net pay.

2 – 25 percent of net pay.

3 – 30 percent of net pay.

4 – 35 percent of net pay


It stops at the 35 percent. It is also important if the non-custodial parent pays on other children. The child support will stop at 50 percent of pay. This means if the parent is paying support for other children or cases it could cause an issue on your support if you filed after the other parents. It is important to file as soon as possible. Some people believe support is determined by what the custodial parent needs. This is false. The custodial parent could be wealthy or poor and the support is still done by the guideline above. It is also possible to modify the support if you think the non-custodial parent now makes more money. It must be a large increase. Most places say 30 percent pay increase to modify. Are you receiving the correct child support?

New Law


Child Support laws continue to change. The most recent was the vehicle registration law. The new law in Texas will no longer allow absent parents that are behind on child support to renew the car registration. Do you feel this will make an impact?  Reports already show it has. Click the link below to read an article for more information.


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First blog post-Welcome

This is our very first blog. Child Support Specialists has been collecting support for over 27 years in Texas.  We work court order and non-order child support cases. We provide all the locate. CSS also provides paternity testing with or without a case. We look forward to providing child support information via this blog. We hope you enjoy.